Meeting at Esperance Golf Club: 8th May, 2023
President Rod opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed Rotarians in attendance.
There were no guests or speaker.
Invocation was read by Kaj Nieukerke 
Raffle Winner: Lucky winner of the chocolates was Scott Mackie
Presidents Rod Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Summary of Director's Meeting Discussions 7th May.
New Year's Eve Fireworks 2023- general Director consensus that the Fireworks should proceed under our Club banner this year. Thinking the event format could be simplified for ease of management knowing that limited workers are available. List of previous sponsors has been passed on to us from RCEB and applications are being prepared. Funds required in the order of $27000. (Note: This subject was opened for further discussion as an item From the Floor to better inform members who may have concerns regarding the Club accepting this project )
President ROD is now seeking the opinions of all members via this bulletin as to the future of our involvement with New Years Eve Fireworks??
MEMBERS: Please, if you have any concerns ,reservations or even good ideas, please address them to President Rod so they can be considered by the organising committee!
Simpson Street Shed Extension Project- the project is progressing with plumbing works completed to date and some excavation and structural framing expected this week.
LATE NEWS: A substantial donation to the project has just been notified to the Treasurer.
2023/24 Changeover Night- Will now be held on 26th June due to unforeseen circumstances and our District Governor and husband have indicated they will be unable to attend.
Partners Night 19th June at Golf Club- District Governor Ineke Oliver and husband Geoff will be in town as planned and invites will be put out to RCEB members wishing to attend the evening.
Golf Club Social Memberships- Reminder that members must register and pay their $10 fee at the bar to comply with the rules.
Director's Annual Reports- are being prepared for the 2022/23 Annual Report and Financial Statements are with our Auditor.
Other Matters
District 9465 Gala Celebration- District Governor Ineke is holding an Gala evening and auction night on 17th June to celebrate the last 13 years of District 9465 which is to become part of the greater WA District 9423 from July 1.
Director's Reports
Treasurer: B Colliver
EOFY Accounts-Brian indicated the financial year has closed and books of Account handed to the Club Auditor. Notwithstanding all the various projects and activities throughout this year the Club has achieved a surplus of some $75,000.
Club Admin: Kaj Nieukerke
New Year's Eve Fireworks 2023- Presenting to Shire advocating the economic importance of the Fireworks on New Year's Eve, and the Australia Day function. both of which provide a family-friendly feature event for the entertainment of both tourists and locals in a central location, urging the support of Council, local business and our community.
2023/24 Strategic Plan- Kaj is planning to meet his incoming board in the near future to formulate some ideas and projects for confirmation by the whole Club as a way forward for next year & beyond. 
Vocational: Steve Schmedje
Australia Day Grants- Steve is planning to approach the Australia Day Council to ascertain the future of their Grants program. There is concern that any change will require the scaling down of some entertainment ie Monster Ball Ent. as it is a large part of the event Budget. Steve is also happy to receive feedback or ideas for the next event from members.
Youth: Ken Jenkyn
2023 RYLA Attendance Certificate- Ken stated the missing Attendance Certificate for Annabelle Marsh has finally been received and will be presented to her at Changeover Night.
National Youth Science Forum- Advice received this program will be returning to Canberra, with the removal of COVID 19 concerns, having been state based since 2020. Directors agreed to fund one full course fee of $2800 and this means participants will need to fund their own travel component etc. The course fee could be shared among multiple students.
Community: Barry Rollond
Mother's Day Breakfast 14th May- Several more helpers required please. Setup at Whale Tail 6am. Food permit approved and 10 kgs pancake mix donated by Southcoast food.
Shed Freezer Defrost- discovered freezer defrosted due to no power, resulted in contents having to be dumped.
ANZAC Day Leftovers- A quantity of bacon was surplus and needs to be used soon. Planning to use some for shed meeting.
Sponsor Acknowledgement- Adverts to be placed in local press detailing and thanking sponsors who have supported our Club throughout this year.
From the Floor 
G Mackenzie- Bike Project-  Shed repairs will be in abeyance until end of May as several members attending Melbourne International Conference.
Nulsen Bike Project will culminate this week with presentation of the bikes to the 4 students involved.
Kaj Nieukerke- will be inviting a young speaker who is fundraising for the cause of autism, suggesting a donation of $500 might be considered by directors towards the cause.
Future of New Years Eve Fireworks- some free discussion enabled information to exchanged as regards running of the event, pursuit of sponsorship, level of manpower required etc in view of the Bay Club withdrawing it's support this year.
Ewin Stewart - Australia Day- Ewin expressed his opinion that recent activities on Australia Days are over-blown compared to earlier years and could well do to be scaled back. Director Steve indicated his view that we should take whatever advantage was available while it existed as the grants will surely dry up.
Sergeant's Fine Session-
In the absence of Sgt Paul, Sec Tom conducted a "guilt' session for members to confess their sins of the week and contribute to club coffers accordingly.
Fine of the week was probably John Gray's tale of stolen keys, illicit liquor and neighbourhood disturbance by Charlie. Fortunately the keys were NOT stolen.
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Attendance Report – Ken Jenkyn (acting)
Members – 32 members                 Present             16                                             
  • Leave of Absence          6                     Apologies       10                                        
  • Silent    ?                                                 Club guests  0                           
  • Percentage           ~50%
The Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Attendance will also be recorded via ClubRunner.
Next meeting’s program: Prathamesh Deshpande (our newest member) on his life so far!!         
President Rod closed the meeting at 8:20pm
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
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MacKenzie, Hugh
Rawlinson, Corrina
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Colliver, Brian
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Guthrie, Brett
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