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of Esperance 
                                        Bulletin report by Rob Gurney
President Rod opened the meeting at 7.05pm
Invocation:      Standby Bob Boord
Welcome: President Rod introduced Guest Speaker Priscilla Davies from Horizon Power noting that Horizon has supported our shed extension with a $10,000 grant
Members Guests: James Hunt (Apollo IT) & Ross Paterson
Raffle Winners:  J Honey (wine) J Currie, P Mather, D Paterson(wheel)
President’s Report:
Director’s Meeting 12th June- Summary of Main Matters
Donation of $2,500 approved to ROMAC Cleft Palate Intervention programme.
Crawford Lodge Equipment- donation of $2,000 approved to Crawford Lodge to fund purchase of 4 wheelchairs and 3 walking frame aids.
Rotary Club of Crawley (BlueSky Visit in October)- Club may be asked to assist arranging catering on the day. G Mackenzie is the liaising contact for details. Hoping to set it up as a fundraiser.
ARH “Lift the Lid” Fundraising Walk- proposed in Spring in aid of Mental Health research targeting youth under 12 yrs to assist build resilience, self-reliance and self-esteem. Rob Gurney & Corrina are contacts for details. Local group LIFESPAN keen to work with us.
Driving Simulator- will be used by Clontarf students over next two weeks through ESHS and will hopefully be demonstrated to WA Road Trauma Committee who are visiting town this month. May need assistance to shift/setup the unit.
New Year’s Eve Fireworks-RCEB have put forward for our consideration, the idea of sharing 50:50 with our Club the workload putting these future events together as it has outgrown them. Pres Rod had indicated this would need to be a member decision with roles and responsibilities clearly defined and adhered to if accepted. This will need much more thought, given our existing Fish Van catering commitment on the night. Would we have enough manpower?
RCEB Changeover- 2nd July, incoming President is Renae Poot.                                                                                                 
Shed Security-Pres Rod also drew attention to the apparent lack of security at the shed, reminding members to ensure the facility is secure upon departure on any occasion.
Directors Reports
Secretary – P Mather
Director’s Annual reports – Directors to forward direct to Paul by email ASAP at
Teen Challenge -Letter thanking the Club for our recent visit and generous donation of $2,000
ESHS- Thank You letter for funding the year 12 portfolios at cost of some $1,450
LOA Request- J Gray- Approved by acclamation??
International/ Foundation – R Gurney
ARH- Letter received finally acknowledging our recent $1250 donation
Foundation Grants Seminar – Thumb drive of seminar content provided to enable further review of details as internet quality on the day was poor.
Youth – S Mackie
Science Courses- Has been in touch with G Poole at ESHS advocating for nominations to annual 2023 National Youth Science Forum and the Siemens Science Experience, to which we sponsor attendance.
 From the Floor
G Mackenzie –Bike Repair Project- still working each Wednesday at the Shed.
Blue Sky Visit- Elaborated on known details, so far- charter plane will bring approx. 75 members of RC of Crawley to Esperance on Sat 22nd October,2022 for sightseeing tours. Currently arranging catering for light lunch and dinner. Next meeting by “Zoom” Wed 15th June will reveal more detail. 
S Schmedje – Ass’t Governor
Phonebook Distribution- (on behalf of K Nieukirk)- advised some 4000 books are in circulation for “free” through selected retail, agricultural and industrial outlets. Advertisers have been supplied with copies, also outer districts ie S/Gums, Condy etc and still a good quantity on hand for future distribution.
J Bridges- 60th Year Celebrations – reminder to forward any photos of last ten years to JB or Louise Gray please!!
Sergeant’s Session - D Paterson                Sergeant’s Assist – J Gray
C Roberts- B/day,                                            Brad - gout
Rotary Ann.- Hugh & Barry                 Footy followers (all Eagles)
Raffles- Honey, Jeff C,Paul,Patto         .           Macka- (2) beat Sgt at golf & BIG fish
Scott- dented car & pride in Albany    Neil- (2) raffle name inverted & 5c’s
Rod- late meeting start
Buy the Box
J Honey on Macka for confusing jumper pattern
J Gray- on self for departure tax
 Guest Speaker Intro- Rob Gurney introduced Ms Priscilla Davies representing Horizon Power to bring members up to date with what’s new in power etc
Guest Speaker 
 Priscilla provided a very comprehensive coverage of the various projects in which Horizon are currently involved in the district and region. Briefly revisited the now officially opened Shark Lake Project which combines renewables of two large wind turbines with an 8900 solar (tracking) panel array backed up by gas turbines. New projects are being examined to ensure install planning takes account of minimising fossil fuel imputs ie freight, concrete footings, shipping components and erection etc to “green up” the construction phase. Esperance site had 1st 60% renewable contribution day recently.     
LIDAR (Line inspections by drone) recently introduced in the region to reduce private property intrusions for that purpose is proving popular as a cost reduction measure. Drones can inspect transmission lines to assess connectivity, predict or detect faults, potential vegetation/line interactions etc.
Norseman & Hopetoun currently being considered for “green” hydrogen or solar/battery powered generation due to their isolation and dependence on fossil fuels.
Ageing rural powerlines in our district has seen 37 active stand- alone systems installed on farm, thereby reducing removing long term line maintenance in those areas, often victims to outages. Many more systems in the pipeline. These systems comprise renewables of solar panels with battery storage backed by diesel generators.
Horizon looking at ideas & ways to introduce non-owners ie renters to a share of renewable community energy hubs to reduce their bills. Also reviewing policies affecting consumer owned poles ie poles on private land, resulting from issues encountered by recent bushfires.  The “Greening Schools” programme is growing in popularity allowing schools to reduce their carbon footprint by installing on-roof solar, educating students to renewables as a bonus.
A large number of questions were well fielded by the speaker.
Guest Speaker Thanks –         Brad Elliot presented Priscilla with the customary Club engraved biro.
 Attendance Report –  J Honey (Acting)
Members         32                                Present            20                                             
  • Leave of Absence        3                      Apologies                    6                     
  • Silent                           3                        Club guests                3         
  • Percentage                              62%
Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Next meeting’s program:  Golf Club -G/Speaker is Devon from McIntosh & Son
  • Invocation:      B Colliver                     Sergeant assist:           John Gray
  • Guest Speaker Intro: Brett Guthrie     Guest Speaker Thanks :  Steve Francis           
  • Standby:          John Bridges   
President Rod closed the meeting at  8.45pm
 20th June – Ordinary Meeting at Golf Club
27th June- Annual Changeover- Partners Night at Golf Club with Special Guests
         Price per head TBA
4th July – Shed Meeting
The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies either by verbal message or SMS text. Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting. The phone number is 0474 165 997.
Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.
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