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Meeting: Rotary Shed 2/05/22


Bulletin report by Russell Bridge

President Rod opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed Members and visitors Heather ,Kelly ,Tom and Brian from the Bay club . Also Jeff Currie , a guest of Steve Schmedje .

Invocation: Ewan Stewart

Raffle Winner: Ewan Stewart

President’s Report: Rod Taylor

Thanks everyone involved in the Anzac Day Breakfast. (16 members ) and the Golf Club evening meal cook up . $699 was donated to the RSL from the Breakfast donations.

The Shed HWS was inspected as part of the natural gas conversion.

Rob Gurney and myself attended the Rotary Foundation Zoom meeting yesterday . Attendance at these meetings is compulsory if we want to use grants from the Foundation. We make annual contributions to the Foundation . So , depending on the Grant , each of our dollars can be granted back at $3 .

A request for donations was made from Rotary International for the Ukraine crisis. Rotary are sending many Shelter boxes and cash to the War zone.

Corrina has made contact with a grant writer who has indicated costs involved to review and write grant applications. $700 for up to $20,000 grant then a sliding scale depending on the grant value and organisation applied to .

Are you getting the Rotary magazine and my emails ? This part of your membership fees ; please let me know if you are not so I can adjust the records before our year ends.

Our Web site is up and running , Corrina will report on this later .

At Sundays Board meeting it was resolved to approve the latest District budget . There are savings of about 20% included in the budget from last year due to Conference savings mainly.

The Board has decided to keep our membership fee the same as last year .

The Shed extensions will proceed soon . I am waiting on 3 grant applications to come through. I will be following up on our Shire application this week and also , Jatek will not be increasing their quote received last August for the material supplies and construction .

( Breaking news – The club has been successful with receiving the $10,000 grant from Horizon Power for the Shed extensions ).

Brian has made arrangements for the welding of the floor on the merry go round to be done .

A contribution to the Esperance Brass Band of $500 will be paid to them for their performances at our Australia Day celebrations.

An election of office bearers is also at tonights meeting .

Secretary: Paul Mather

No Report.

Treasurer: Brian Colliver

A profit and loss report was circulated and sent out via email during the week . Brian elaborated on the $175k turnover for the year and noted that we will need to keep an eye on GST implications for turn over above $150k per year but not for profit organisations operate under different tax laws .

Club Admin: Scott Mackie

Scott regretfully tended his resignation as President Elect citing increased work commitments this year and he couldn’t do justice to the role as President .

At this point President Rod called for nominations for President and other office Bearer positions .

Don Patterson nominated Paul Mather for President – Paul declined

Brian Colliver nominated Rod Taylor for a second term , seconded by Corrina Rawlinson - Rod accepted .

President Elect – Steve Schmedje nominate Kaj , seconded Steve Francis – Kaj accepted through Steve Schmedje as he was not present .

Attendance Officer – Graham Mackenzie nominated Don Patterson , he accepted .

Sargent – Scott Mackie nominated Paul Mather , he accepted .

Bulletin – Steve nominated Brett Guthrie , he declined .

Brian Colliver nominated Rob Gurney , Rob was not present , TBA .

Youth: Scott Mackie

Received RYPAN applications from Charlotte Galloway and maybe one more to come in .

Community: John Gray

Anzac Day – Wanted to acknowledge South Coast Wholesalers , Esperance Eggs and The French Hot Bread Shop for donating produce for the day , so no costs where involved .

International: Rob Gurney

No Report.

Membership: Wes Graham

No Report.

Vocational : Hugh McKenzie

No Report.

From the Floor :

Steve Schmedje – Phone Book update , proof copy of the book is out and looks great . We estimate a profit of some $30k for this project .

Also want to point out what a great job Kaj has done on this project with his committee and he should be recognised for this . All in attendance agreed .

Graham Mackenzie – B4H – Spoke with David Tucker the Director of B4H and he explained there has been an issue with the price of and availability of Sea Containers to continue on with this project but a Container is going overseas with all the Bikes they have available at the moment .

We donated some bikes to the Norseman High School recently and they have indicated they would like to get some more for their students to be involved with and repair as the last donation worked well with students getting bikes and attendance at school was a pre requisite to receive a bike and this has worked well with attendances up .

So Wednesday mornings will still be on to repair bikes with the added bonus of morning teas supplied by Dome ( thanks new member John Parsons ).

David Tucker also mentioned the Blue Sky initiative that involves flying up to 100 people around the State to visit regional areas . Accommodating this many people may be an issue but it would be an opportunity to host a fund raising dinner at a Local attraction site such as Stone Henge potentially .Steve Schmedje has also mentioned this in the past and also commented on this and supported the idea and maybe we could billet out some of the 100 people involved ??.

Barry Rollond – The Golf Club made a request for the Fish Van on the 12/06/22 , didn’t make any promises . This is at TBA .

Brian Tholhust – ( BAY CLUB ) Spoke on their clubs donation of $10k US to the Rotary club of KYIV in the Ukraine and the Bunnings sausage sizzle fundraising that raised this money , also with donations from the farming community some $78k will go to the Ukraine .

Media – Corrina Rawlinson

Noted that our Website is up and running and that we should and will be posting blogs promoting projects that we do and show that we are not just a one trick pony with our Fish Van , there is more to us than that and promoting our membership diversity and other projects .

We also have an Instagram and YouTube account running as well .

Corrina took a “ selfie photo “ of the meeting that has been posted to face book for those on to see .

Sergeant’s Session - Sergeant – Don Patterson

Sergeant’s Assistant – Wes Graham

Don started with raffle winner Ewan and also got him for a birthday and an anniversary .

Our Bay club visitors where also fined along with many arrival taxes and his mate Neil McCullum for last at the bar .

Don surprisingly happily fined all the Dockers winners and himself for an appearance on Face Book.

He fined Russell for his Golf win and a Collingwood win and also John Parsons for not winning Golf .

Guest Speaker – No Speaker

Intro –

Guest Speaker thanks –

Attendance Report – Ken Jenkyn

Members 35

  • • Present 25
  • • Honorary Members
  • • Leave of Absence
  • • Apologies
  • • Silent
  • • Club guests 1
  • • Members’ guests
  • • Member’s wives
  • • Visiting Rotarians 4



  • • Exchange
  • • Percentage 91.5% Ken requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone via text only at the moment please.


Next meeting’s program: Rob Lieper

At The Esperance Golf Club 09/05/22

Guest Speaker – Representative from the Esperance Port .

Invocation: Ken Warne

  • • Sergeant assist: John Bridges
  • • Standby: Barry Rollond
  • • Student host:
  • • Guest speaker intro Ewin Stewart
  • • Guest speaker thanks Bob Boord


President Rod closed the meeting thanking Members and Guests for their attendance.


The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies via SMS text only as there is a problem with the voice to text conversion at the moment . Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting. The phone number is 0474 165 997.

Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.

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