Shed Meeting: 4th July 2022
President Rod opened the meeting at 7:PM and welcomed all Rotarians in attendance.
There were no guests in attendance at the Shed Meeting.
Tom Campbell completed the Invocation in Steve Francis’ absence.
Raffle Winner: Steve Schmedje (subsequently fined for winning the raffle too many times)
Presidents Rod Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Rod & Steve S attended the Bay Club Christmas Dinner and it was annouced that they have donated their marquee to our club inc all needed accessories to go with it. Until the shed extensions are complete the only issue we have is storage.
New Year Fish van roster & Firework fence erection roster were passed around. Please contact Brad if you can assist on the fish van & contact Macka if you can assist with the erection of the fencing on the 29th December.
Thanks to Kaj for arranging the christmas dinner. It was an enjoyable night even if the tables are rigged. 
Thank you to Carla-Mia & Priscilla for decorating.
Secretary’s Report
We received correspondence inwards from Don Paterson; who has tendered his resignation from the club. Don spoke to the membership and reiterated his enjoyment of his time with the club over 36 years and was excited for his next chapter. The membership wished him all the best and encouraged him to stay in touch.
Treasurers Report:
Brian issued a Profit and Loss report to the members during the week, and notes accompanying it.
Club Administration:
Kaj was away, but reported in that he will be investigating different locations around town for holding meetings.
Next week’s meeting will be at 33 Degrees.
Barry provided an update on bookings for the Fish Van; we have 3 dates for September already.
The Racecourse has also approached us regarding the cooking of some chips.
Steve Schmedje provided an update on Australia Day planning; the Shire grant application has gone in. We are also investigating the entertainment for the day; Ewin has a contact for the singer that performed at Edge of the Bay, who was very good.
Graham gave an update on the Polio Plus campaign; some worrying news out of the UK in the following article:
Graham reiterated that eradicating Polio remained one of Rotary International’s key goals, and would continue very strongly in it’s efforts.
From the Floor:
Macka – Bikes are on again on Wednesday.
Drinks Van; the Club would like to see the drinks van in more use, and will look at opportunities to hire it out to community groups for fundraising.
Lift the Lid walk and other events; 7-10th October, there will be several events around Esperance across these few days to assist with fundraising for ‘Lift the Lid’ (Mental Health). The Club has been approached to assist with the fish van and funding for schools. More on this to follow.
Corrina provided an update on ClubRunner and our various media channels; all working well. Club meetings and their location will be individually entered onto the website calendar.
We will be installing a planner on the wall of the shed; to assist members with all the events coming up (inc fish van bookings).
Sergeants Session:
An open Sergeants session was held in Paul’s absence. Members were required to pay to issue any fines.
Firstly; Patto was fined heavily for his resignation, and the fact that we now do not have the opportunity to recoup any losses from his stint as Sergeant.
Macka fined Barry Rolland for wearing Neil McCallum’s apron whilst cooking,
Corrina Rawlinson fined Secretary Tom Campbell for his lack of knowledge on USB storage.
Stephen Schmedje was fined by ? for having no badge and the fact that he’d had his hair done.
Schmedje also fined himself; he remarked at a morning tea at his daughters’ (school teacher) school that he remembered what it like at primary school when he attended some years ago. One of the pupils says it looked like it was a long time ago. Steve also has a horse with a major race coming up. He paid a fine for that as well.
Patto rounded out his stint as Sergeant by fining all the footy winners.
President Rod did not have any fine liabilities issued this week.
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Attendance Report – Don Paterson
Members – 35 members                                               Present             15                                             
  • Leave of Absence          4                      Apologies                                               
  • Silent                                                     Club guests                             
  • Percentage                               ~50%
The Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Attendance will also be recorded via ClubRunner.
Next meeting’s program:  33 degrees, cost to be $30.00
Guest Speaker Brett Ratcliffe, 33 Degrees            
President Rod closed the meeting at 8:30PM
Many thanks to the Pier Hotel for the supply of salads for tonight, and to Barry, Wes & Jeff for setup and cooking duties.
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
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Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.
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