Meeting at 33 Degrees: 11th July 2022
President Elect Kaj opened the meeting at 33 Degrees at 7:00PM sharp and welcomed all Rotarians in attendance.
There were no guests in attendance.
Wes Graham was called upon to complete the invocation.
Raffle Winner:
Russell Bridge won the raffle, and was subsequently fined.
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Kaj provided the Presidents report in Rod’s absence;
Due to Don’s resignation last week, we have the position of attendance officer vacant. Kaj called for volunteers or nominations; and was agreed that we would discuss this vacancy further outside the meeting. President Elect Kaj thanked Ken Jenkins for stepping back into the role this evening.
Steve Schmedje and Rod attended a meeting with the Bay club regarding the New Year’s fireworks; more on this to follow.
Secretary’s Report:
A Leave of Absence was requested by Ken Warne until the 22nd August in order to chase the warmth of further north. The members in attendance approved this request.
Treasurers Report:
Club Administration:
Ken will have a report for the Club next week.
Barry provided an update on the first bookings for the fish van; the first being the 3rd September at Esperance Oval for the footy Grand Final.
Steve Schmedje provided an update on the Australia Day preparations; funding requirements and grant applications are underway, as is bookings for the marquee and entertainment for the day. All tracking along well.
From the Floor:
Steve Schmedje provided an update and requested the Club’s consideration to be involved in the New Years Eve fireworks. It was agreed that a small delegation would attend a meeting with the organising committee at the Bay club to commence the ball rolling on preparations.
The membership in attendance agreed that we will celebrate Patto’s years in Rotary at an event. More on this to follow.
Sergeants Session:
Macka stepped up and filled in for the evening in the very prestigious role.
Last at the bar was Steve Schmedje.
Rob Leiper did not have his badge.
The southern end of the table was fined for their meals coming out first.
Bob B wanted change for his fine for the fine above, he was fined for this.
There have been some very successful golfers this last week; Russell Bridge, John Parsons. Barry Rolland won; so he, Russell and John all paid fines.
John Gray paid a fine; for requesting a leave of absence and only being away 6 days.
Arrival taxes; for Brian, John, Steve Francis & Kaj.
Tom Campbell paid a fine for having good deposit rates.
Finally; the sergeant ordered all those who barracked for a losing team to pay up.  
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Guest Speaker
Hugh introduced guest speaker Brett Ratcliffe from 33 Degrees.
Brett spoke of his journey to 33 Degrees; he moved to Esperance from Kalgoorlie in 1998 with his family and attended Esperance Primary School. After school; he completed a heavy diesel apprenticeship with Staines and worked in that industry for some time.
In 2019 he was scrolling through some realestate and thought about opening up a pub. With the assistance of some local investors and his brother, they drew up some plans and in 2020 demolished the inside of the current premises.  33 Degrees was opened on the 10th of September 2021, and it is 100% locally owner & operated and everyone involved is highly passionate.
Steve Francis thanked Brett for his hospitality at the venue on the night; and his presentation on his journey to opening.
Attendance Report
Members – 33 members                   
Present   20                                                    
Leave of Absence 6            
Apologies 7                                             
Club guests                                      
           Percentage                                         69%
The Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Attendance will also be recorded via ClubRunner.
The Attendance Officer role is also now available to be filled.
Next meeting’s program:
18th July 2022 at the Pier Hotel
President Elect Kaj closed the meeting at 8:30PM
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
Upcoming Events
Pier Hotel Meeting
Pier Hotel
Jul 18, 2022
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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Meeting Responsibilities
Gray, John
Seargent Assist
MacKenzie, Hugh
Francis, Stephen
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Mackie, Scott
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McCallum, Neil
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Join Date
Rod Taylor
July 1, 2019
3 years
Rob Leiper
July 11, 2006
16 years
The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies either by verbal message or SMS text. Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting. The phone number is 0474 165 997.
Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.
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