Meeting at the Golf Club: 8th August 2022
President Rod  opened the meeting at the Golf Club at 7:00PM sharp and welcomed all Rotarians and guest Simon Latchford.
John Honey was called upon to complete the invocation.
Raffle Winner:
Neil McCallum won the raffle.
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Presidents Report:
Rod reported on some of the items from the Board meeting on Sunday:
The district governor will be in our district on the 5th to the 9th September. Ros has advised him that our board will meet with him on the 6th. Rod has also told the Bay Club of this arrangement also. Venue and time to be confirmed.
Honorary memberships will be presented at occasions to be organised in the near future.
Another inspection of the shed extensions were made this week. Draft plans are now being drawn up, including the new fire prevention specifications.
The Blue Sky Rotarians trip from Crawley Club is now being promoted. Ticket sales have been 26 sold already from 76 on offer in the first week. Please go to to check out the campaign.
Finally, we should all be upgrading our governance records; including the ‘Volunteer Declarations’, Working with Children and Police Clearance. Brett will be working on this if anyone has any queries.
Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence received from Ewin Stewart requesting a Leave of Absence from the 9th August to the 30th September. The members in attendance approved this.
Treasurers Report:
Brain reminded members to keep the subs coming in.
We’ve also had a request from the Seniors Theatre Group, who requested some storage at the shed for their costumes & props. The membership agreed that this was acceptable.
Club Administration:
Zone 8 Regionalization seminar held. Every club will get a vote for this to happen in 2023. Members should keep abreast of the information.
Steve has a signed acknowledgement from the Shire for $10,000 in funding for Australia Day.
Wes addressed members regarding corporate memberships or partnerships. Some exciting options with regards to this.
Fireworks Committee
The risk management plan for the Fireworks has been sent off (John Honey).
From the Floor:
Steve Schmedje provided an Assistant Governor update; he acknowledged Kaj’s address re the regionalisation and reminded members to be across the changes planned.
Rob Leiper addressed the group; and that due to personal circumstances may need to vacate his post of meeting coordinator. He will reach out if he requires any assistance with programmes.
This Wednesday will be the last bike session for a while, due to having ample in storage at the moment.
Sergeants Session:
An open fines session was held.
The Spin the Wheel occurred with Macka, Ewin and Kaj all taking home $20. They then took home a few dollars less after a fine, with Macka also picking up an extra fine for his number coming in twice.
Neil was fined for winning the wine.
Rod was fined for scheduling a board meeting while the football was on (particularly JK’s last home game).
Several departure taxes were paid.
Steve S was fined for having a haircut that went awry.
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Guest Speaker:
Ewin Stewart introduced Simon Latchford from Australia’s Golden Outback, who spoke on the opportunities, challenges and plans for tourism and commercial development in the Greater Esperance area.
Russell Bridge thanked Simon for his address.
  • Invocation: Graham McKenzie
  • Sergeant assist: Bob Boord       
  • Guest Speaker Intro: Chris Roberts
  • Guest Speaker Thanks: Barry Rollond    
  • Standby: Brett Guthrie 
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