Date:15th May,2023
Meeting Location: Esperance Golf Club
Invocation: John Parsons          Standby  Ewin Stewart
Members Guest- Sue Elliot (Brad)
President Rod's Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
New Year's Eve Fireworks 2023- Club Admin Dir Kaj & Pres Rod to address Esperance Shire on 16th May. Rod to talk on the Club and various projects and Kaj to specifically address New Years Eve Fireworks and Australia Day and their perceived significance. A show of hands indicated general ongoing support for the Fireworks from those members present.
Simpson Street Shed Extension Project- Work proceeding well this week with the arrival of the firewall bricks and some formwork being placed.
2023/24 Changeover Night- 26h June 2023- Arrangements are progress for our Changeover Night which will be at the Golf Club.
Partners Night 19th June at Golf Club- Planning is under way for the partners night to receive our District Governor and her husband. Bay Club members have been issued an invite as well.
Golf Club Social Memberships- Reminder for those Members who have not yet paid their Social Membership fee to the Golf Club that Members must register and pay their $10 fee ASAP at the bar to comply with the rules.
Leave of Absence- Pres Rod indicated he will be absent from the Club between 22nd May and 25th June, attending the International Rotary Conference in Melbourne and visiting Germany, returning home on 26th June for our Changeover Night. Club President Elect Kaj will be " in the Chair". 
Raffle WinnersDoug Slater(wine) D Slater, B Colliver & K Warne (wheel)
Director's Reports 
Secretary – Tom Campbell
Leave of Absence notifications- Received from A Green, R Taylor, B Elliot G Mackenzie & D Slater.
Club Admin 2023/24- Seeking feedback and ideas for Club activities and programs during 2023/24 from members. 
Treasurer -B Colliver
Simpson Street Shed Extension Project Donation- Brian had pleasure in advising the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay have confirmed an increase in their donation towards the project to $25,000. 
Club Service/Pres.Elect- K Nieukerke
Shire Address- elaborated briefly on his upcoming address to Council.
2023/24 Club Board Meeting- Some ideas will be presented at the next Shed meeting on 29th May.
Community- B Rollond
Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast- this function went well and achieved good public support. There were some 360 registered walkers in the morning and the Club raised some $740.00 which will be donated to the Breast Cancer cause. Club to absorb the minor costs to provide the service.
Final Event- Barry indicated there are no other functions for the Community Portfolio and thanked everyone who have supported him and the Club throughout the busy year.
From the Floor
G Mackenzie
Bike Repair Project- Currently in abeyance till end of May.
Nulsen Bike Project- Attended the Presentation Ceremony at the School, where the 4 participants were presented with their bikes, which was a great event and terrific exposure for our Club. The school is very keen for the idea to continue.
R Gurney
Shed Renovations-Queried whether there were any photos being taken of the shed as it undergoes it's renovations.
Neil McCallum
Lookout Wishing Well- Queried what action was planned to clean out and renovate the well on the hill. Agreed this should be arranged early in the new Board year.
B Elliot- Reported he had spoken with Rotarian Rob Leiper who appears to be improving healthwise but is still under care and treatment.
John Gray- Applauded the efforts of all involved with the Mother's Day Breakfast effort especially Dir Barry, as it went very well
Sergeant’s Session - Paul Mather                Sergeant’s Assist – Hugh Mackenzie
In absence of the Sergeant, Sec Tom again took a heavy toll on those present
Guest Speaker Intro-Brian Colliver introduced our newest and yougest member Prathamesh Deshpande ("Pratz") to present a thumbnail sketch of his earlier life and career so far.                        
Guest Speaker 
Pratz began by indicating he was born in a suburb of Mumbai, India to the parents of an "arranged" marriage, a process which he explained to members. Although not academically inclined in his early years, Pratz followed in his fathers footsteps to pursue an engineering degree which he struggled with, eventually deciding to switch degrees into journalism, to which he has decided he is much better suited. By this point Pratz had decided he wanted to escape the Indian way of life, so in 2020, he emigrated to Melbourne (when he couldn't get an entry visa to England). This has been a great decision, notwithstanding the COVID19 lockdowns began almost immediately he arrived. When the job in Esperance came up he left his partner in Melbourne to take on the challenge and is loving life here as a journalist with the Weekender. He feels very welcome in the town and our Club.
Needless to say there were many questions from the floor which he answered frankly and with quite some humour.
Editors Note: If I recall correctly, his girl visited town over Easter to experience Esperance so watch this space! 
Guest Speaker Thanks –Brett Guthrie presented Prathamesh with the customary Club engraved biro, which will no doubt be very handy in his line of work.
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Attendance Report – Ann Green                                
       Membership 32                       Present   21                                                           Leave of Absence 3                 Apologies 8                                        
  • Silent   0                              Club guests 
  • Members Guests  1                 Hon Members          
  • Percentage    77  %
Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
President Rod closed the meeting at 8.15 pm advising next meetings speaker is Neil Wandel
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DGE Visit - RCEB & Partners Evening,
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Jun 19, 2023
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2023/24 Changeover Night
Esperance Golf Club
Jun 26, 2023
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