Meeting at the Pier Hotel: 18th July 2022
President Rod  opened the meeting at the Pier Hotel at 7:00PM sharp and welcomed all Rotarians in attendance.
Tom Murray from the Bay club joined us for the evening.
John Honey was called upon to complete the invocation.
Raffle Winner:
The Editor failed to record who won the raffle, no doubt a fine will follow. 
The Guess the Kettle was drawn; with Wes Graham winning with a guess of $216.40, the closest to the amount contained of $216.25.
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Presidents Report:
President Rod thanked Kaj for chairing in his absence last week.
There wasn’t much to report from the President’s desk; HQ is now concentrating on the amalgamation of the WA districts. Steve will report on this soon.
The 3 signs for the Esperance entries have been ordered; we expect these to be about 3 weeks away.
There is to be a promotional photo taken tomorrow at Shelly Paine’s office. This will be for the presentation of the $15,000 Lotterywest grant. Corrina and Kaj will be attending with Rod.
Graham met with the Blue-Sky group by Zoom this week. The costings are now being finalised and we look forward to enjoying the fellowship of this group in October (the 22nd). More details of our club members and Rotariannes input will be known soon.
We still have the job vacancy for attendance officer.
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurers Report:
Treasurer Brian thanked the 14 of 33 members that have paid their dues.
Regarding the phonebooks; of the 90 invoices that are out for the advertising, 80 have paid to date; amounting $44,000 received.
Club Administration:
Ken informed the membership that the National Youth Science Forum applications were out. We haven’t received any in as yet, but the schools are following up.
We are now starting to prepare for the first Fish Van functions. A review of pricing may need to be held, as all costs are going up.
There was also some discussion on the single use plastic containers; we are able to use the stock that we have and switch products after that.
From the Floor:
There has not been any movement with the Fireworks sub group as yet. They plan to meet when Graham returns.
Steve Schmedje provided an Assistant Governor update; regarding the amalgamation of districts to form the new ‘Rotary Western Australia’, next year’s conference will be held from the 17th/18th February 2023 in Mandurah as a joint conference. There will be a Zoom conference on Sunday 24th July 2022 for 1.5 hours on the new district.
The Zoom ID to enter is 6145882854. There will be another in August regarding the regionalisation, the vision, strategy and execution of the amalgamation.
Steve also encouraged members to consider attending the World Conference in Melbourne next year on the 27-31st May 2023.
Bob Boord provided an update on member John Hocking, who is going through some ill health. The membership wished John all the best with his recovery.
There will be NO bikes on this week.
Brian provided an update on the driving simulator. Information has been issued to schools. Brian cited the recent spate of 17/18 year old’s killed on the roads, and the club agreed the driving simulator is a powerful tool in preparing young drivers for the road.
Sergeants Session:
Paul Mather commenced his stint as fines master tonight.
Firstly, President Rod and Secretary Tom Campbell were fined for having a very romantic dinner for two at the top table.
JB was fined for knocking drinks around.
All members had their badges so no fines issued for that.
Hugh Mackenzie was fined for his birthday this week.
Steve Schmedje was fined for Connie’s birthday this week. He thanked the Fines Master for reminding him, and he was fined again for forgetting.
Barry Rollond was fined for his and Joy’s wedding anniversary.
Arrival taxes were issued to Rod, Brett Guthrie, Brad Elliot and Paul Mather.
Tom Campbell was fined for supporting North Melbourne (after West Coast).
John Gray was fined again for his Leave of Absence.
Foreign currency was collected from Tom Murray from the Bay club.
Brett was fined again for having too many raffle tickets.
The biggest iron ore ship is due to dock tomorrow; Hugh can pay the fine for it’s piloting and mooring.
Scott Mackie was fined for going to the golf club tonight, as did Brett. John Parsons went to the golf club to check no one was there. All 3 were fined.
Jeff Currie was fined for his prepared presentation.
Wes Graham was fined for checking his AFL app when were discussing the Sunday afternoon District Zoom call.
Paul announced there will be a lexofilia (word puzzles) competition in the coming months.
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Guest Speaker
Kaj introduced guest speaker Jeff Currie.
Jeff encouraged members to turn their hearing aids up.
Born in Broome on the Chinese New Year, Jeff didn’t get on very well with his teachers due to his partial deafness.
The family moved to Kambalda, where he learnt about mining. Mining became his vocation and he enjoyed a successful career in many fields.
After Jeff was ‘snotted’ by a rock fall, he became a supervisor and worked all over the mining industry in Western Australia. He was pivotal to the establishment of Lightning Nickel, which ultimately came about from no capital.
Jeff wrapped up by reminding members that mining companies remain committed to the community and keen to support communities with funding.
Bob Boord thanked Jeff for his address.
Attendance Report
Members – 33 members
Present                22                                                            
  • Leave of Absence             6                             
  • Apologies            5                                             
  • Silent                                                                      
  • Club guests                        1             
  • Percentage                                         79%
The Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Attendance will also be recorded via ClubRunner.
The Attendance Officer role is also now available to be filled.
Next meeting’s program:
25th July 2022 at the Golf Club
Guest speaker to be a FMG representative.
President Rod closed the meeting at 8:30PM
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
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