Date: 31st October  2022
Meeting Location: Rotary Shed

President Rod opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed Members and Members guests, Brian from Scotland and Peter ( the local paper editor ) guests of Steve Schmedje.

Invocation: Ewan Stewart

Raffle Winner: Ewin Stewart

Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Presidents Report:



Rotary Club of Esperance

Meeting: Rotary Shed 31/10/22


I have been advised by Detective Wayne, that the Kalgoorlie to Esperance bike ride will be on the 1st March to the 3rd March 2023. Arrangements will be the same as last years event that was postponed due to Covid. We supply the Drinks van for use as food serving and some vehicles to tow trailers of bikes. This will be a first for this event; it will raise funds for Police Legacy for orphaned children of the Police force. I hope you will be able to support this event.( Does this clash with the country music event at Bridgetown?).

I have confirmed the specifications for the roller doors and skylights for the Shed extension with Todd Smith .Hopefully this project can now proceed smoothly.

Nulsen are holding their 50 year celebrations on the 13th November. We have been invited to display the bike project and also have the Fish Van there between 10 am and 2pm. Barry will talk on this later.

I am still working on getting nominations for the Rotary Shine On award for Australia Day.

The three road signs are ready for installation. At the time or writing this has been done.

Secretary: Tom

Treasurer: Brian Colliver

Blue Sky have paid up and we have covered all our commitments. $1500 in profit went into the Club account from this event. Also a thank you letter will need to be sent to the Esperance Bus service for their contribution.

Club Admin: kaj

No Report.

Youth: Ken Jenkyn

RYLA- We have 2 possible candidates to follow up.

Vocational: Steve Schmedje

Australia Day coming together, we have received a 50% discount on the generator from Coates Hire , also the same discount on toilet hire from Esp Mini Excavators.

We have organised a local female singer for the National Anthem.

Also working on a Australia Day grant that will need to be in by the 7th Nov.

International: Rob Gurney

No Report.

Membership: Wes Graham

No Report.

Media : Corrina

Table clothes and 1 x Gazebo have arrived , waiting on 30 aprons.

From the Floor :

Barry – Nulsen primary school event- We will take the Merry go Round and Drinks van but not the Fish Van.

Kaj – Wongutha visit- Suggest a lunch time visit on a weekend so we can have a tour of the facility.

Brian- Driving simulator- We have just completed 2 weeks at the High School wich went very well thanks to Kaj and Anne. About 70-80 students attended over the 2 weeks.

Book awards are also on again for the local schools this year.

John Honey – Advised there is a BBQ missing from the Shed if anyone knows about this.

John Parsons- Floated the idea of a project Rotary could get involved with re supplying breakfast for some of the local primary school students that don’t get fed before school. He relayed that a surprising amount of children go to school without breakfast as some families struggle in our community to put some food on the table for their kids. He was involved in this through Dome and the Esperance Primary a few years ago and will submit to the Board a proposal .

Steve – Wongutha are looking to upgrade their driver training vehicle we where involved with suppliyng some years ago.

Scott- advised that ex exchange students Theresa Rudolph will be visiting Esperance soon as will Piere from Belguim.

Sergeant’s Session - Sergeant – Paul Mather

Sergeant’s Assistant – John Parsons

Fines where handed out to raffle winner Ewin, No badges Tom and JB. Many welcome back taxes and Wes last at the Bar.Neil and Rod attened Lucky bay recently and told no stories so got fined and the Seargant also fined both of our guests for some trumped up reason . lastly at the recent busy bee at JBs a shovel was left behind that JB got a fine for as we thought it was his all along, then John Parsons sheepishly offered to buy the shovel as a donation to Rotary as he finally realised it was pronly his as it still had the new stickers on it after many years ownership !

Guest Speakers – No Speaker

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Attendance Report – Ken Jenkyn:

Members 33

  • • Present 21
  • • Honorary Members
  • • Leave of Absence 5
  • • Apologies 6
  • • Silent 1
  • • Club guests 0
  • • Members’ guests 2
  • • Member’s wives
  • • Visiting Rotarians
  • • Exchange
  • • Percentage 75%
The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies either by verbal message or SMS text. Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting.
The phone number is 0474 165 997.
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Next meeting’s program:   Esperance Golf Club
  • Invocation: Russell B.   Sergeant Assist: Doug S           
  • Guest Speaker Intro: Matthew Lewis   Guest Speaker Thanks: Kaj.
  • Standby: Bradley Elliot
  • Guest Speakers       
President Rod closed the meeting at 8.15pm reminding members we require a Programme Officer to source future speakers for our meetings. Members to submit details of potential speakers to Rod or Corrina in the meantime.
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