Date: 3rd October 2022
Meeting Location: Esperance Golf Club
President Rod opened the meeting at 7pm
Invocation:  Corrina Rawlinson                           Standby Corrina R.
Welcome: President Rod advised there was no Guest Speaker this evening
Raffle WinnersJohn Parsons (wine)K Jenkyn, J Currie, J Bridges (wheel)
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
President’s Report: Rod Taylor
Thanked Pres. Elect K Nieukerke for running last week’s meeting in his absence.
Club Officers- Steve Francis has accepted the vacant Programme Officer’s position and new member Anne Green has accepted Attendance Officer and will be trained by acting attendance Officer Ken Jenkyn. Members are urged to assist both these new members to properly fill their roles.
Future Speakers- We need suggestions for speakers to set up the roster asap.
Blue Sky Visit- Some Rotariannes are arranging menus and meal supplies for the visitors on 22nd October, led by Connie Schmedje so anyone wishing to assist should contact her. Dinner with our partners at the Pier Hotel in the Saturday evening will provide opportunity to mix with our visitors from RC of Crawley.
President Rod needs a wingman to assist overall arrangements with the logistics on the day please!! Macka will be absent. Utes and trailers required to shift tables and chairs to and from venues and return to our shed etc.
Regionalisation Pilot Project- Reported having voted for this project as directed.
Simpson Street Shed Extension Project- Shed has been remeasured and plans are being re-drafted to suit Shire requirements as it is being treated as a new structure subject to all latest rules, including the new firewall being brick.
2023 World RI Conference- Melbourne 27-31 May 2023. Interest has been shown by approx. 6 members and partners to attend this conference. Accommodation will be difficult as situation is already tightening up.
October Board Meeting- Sunday 9th October 4pm at the shed.
Memorial Service A Middleton- scheduled for 19th Oct at 3 pm in Esp Civic Centre Reception Room
Directors Reports
Secretary- T Cambell -absent
Leave of Absence approved for H Mackenzie until 8th November.
Revised Members Register- Pres Rod to email circulate the latest updated list.
Treasurer -B Colliver
Blue Sky Visit- Queried the registered numbers involved and G Mackenzie said last advice was 56, hoping to get to about 76 visitors.
O/s Dues- advised there were still 5 outstanding 2022/23 subs.
Vocational- S Schmedje- absent
Australia Day 2023- Pres Rod advised Southern Ports have confirmed their grant of $3,000 is approved so the day is now fully funded at this point.
Community- B Rollond
Mental Health Week Function- 7th October at Museum Village- planned to wrap bread at the shed from 8am with cooking and service from 9 am. Need some workers to wrap bread and maybe a couple of extras for cooking/serving.
Agricultural Show- Rosters will be circulating. Urged members to sign on as we will be short staffed again. Planning to approach Teen Challenge for some serving staff each day to ease the pressure on members/partners. Usual fish variety in short supply meaning we may have to use a higher cost variety.
Edge of the Bay Festival Dec 3rd- Suggested we consider not participating this year due to the already busy schedule for fish van workers and extra potential efforts directed toward NYE.
Club Biros- C Rawlinson priced $3.45ea for a supply of new biros being ordered.
Youth – Ken Jenkyn
National Science Forum Applicants- Selection process complete, registration fee refund guarantee paperwork being sorted.
Youth Exchange Compliance – Members anticipating being part of the return of the YEP in 2023 will need to complete relevant paperwork through Club Compliance Officer Brett Christie.
From the Floor
G MackenzieBike Repair Project- still working each Wednesday at the Shed. This week to be devoted to selection/prepping of bikes for the Nulsen School Bike Project, starting on Wed 12th Oct. WWC required by those attending NPS to assist with project delivery. 4 students selected in the initial trial.
Blue Sky Visit-details covered in President’s report
J Bridges- 60th Year Celebrations – reminder to forward any photos of last ten years to JB or Louise Gray and fwd any old member contact info too please!!
C Rawlinson- Invitations to the Anniversary advancing toward delivery process with the hunt for contact details for past members ongoing, notwithstanding.
J Parsons-Fireworks Liaison- advised things pretty quiet as this point. Waiting on advice from Shire as to what roles they will play assisting the function this year.
Also queried what he should do with a gazebo donated to the club and was advised to deliver it to the shed.
Compliance Officer Brett Guthrie- advised members that some compliance documents were still outstanding including WWC card details. After considerable discussion it appeared there was clarification needed as regards MGR operators and the Driving Simulator as it was considered these are casual contacts in the presence of other people ie parents, staff and students, notwithstanding any school ground activity would usually automatically require WWC cards. John Honey to also clarify/cover off our insurance compliance requirements.
Lucky Bay Visit- N & J McCallum have booked ay Lucky Bay 24-29th Oct and invite others to join them if bookings available or take a day trip to visit.
MGR Certification- Pres Rod advised he has emailed the certifying engineer raising the urgency to have the unit compliant for the Ag Show.
Acting Sergeant’s Session – Corrina R           Sergeant’s Assist – Hugh
In Sgt Paul’s absence Corrina stepped up with a plethora of fines ‘off the cuff”,
Badges missing- JB
Incorrect Dress Code- Ken J
Trusting Dr Google- Neil & Macka
An eye on time- 2 watches- Neil
Raffle Winners- John P, Jeff C, Ken J & JB.
No “thanks” to Barry- Rob G
Shop Closed- Corrina
Home therapy (from Jenny)- Macka
Public Harem (at Pool)- JB (aka the sheik!)
Arrival Tax- Ewin, Ken W & Barry
Departure Tax- Hugh
IBL wife tax- Ken J & Rod for last week
Advertisement for ClubRunner Mobile
Attendance Report – K Jenkyn
  • Members 34
  • Present 22                                                     
  • Leave of Absence 2
  • Apologies 10                                               
  • Silent                                                  
  • Club Guests 0                                 
  • Percentage   63%
The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies either by verbal message or SMS text. Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting. The phone number is 0474 165 997.
Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.
Next meeting’s program:  No Speaker- Ag Show Planning
  • Invocation: C Roberts        Sergeant assist: S Mackie            
  • Guest Speaker Intro: B Elliot        Guest Speaker Thanks: Ken J      
  • Standby: Ken Jenkyn                     
President Rod closed the meeting at 835
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