Meeting: Golden Orient Restaurant, 6th Sept, 2022
President Rod opened the meeting at 7.05pm
Invocation:  Read by Brad Elliot              Standby B Rollond
Welcome: President Rod introduced our Special Guest Speaker, District Governor Ric McDonald & his wife Ailsa and members of the Rotary Club of Esperance Bay
Visiting Rotarians/Rotariannes from RCEB – Eleven representatives attended from the Bay Club
Members Guests: Members of our Club were accompanied by 13 Rotariannes
Raffle Winners: Lucky winners were Jen Ford & B Rollond (wine)           
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
President’s Report: Rod Taylor
Simpson St Shed Extensions- advised the project is progressing well with Engineers to undertake final measurements and assess what preparatory work is required (maybe by the Club).
2023 International Conference -Melbourne 27th-31st May 2023
President Rod urged members to consider this opportunity to attend the conference as it will attract much worldwide attention. Accommodation will be a premium so need to book early. Several members already intending to go!!
29 Crossland St -Backyard Blitz”- Brad Elliot agreed to provide a plate bbq for cooking lunch. Members attending to refer to emails from Treasurer Brian for work details and tools etc required. 8am start. All welcome!
Antarctic Cruise January 2024- Further details to follow on this Kojonup Rotary Club project. Linda Bilney is coordinating plans.
RDU Article- Advised members there is an article on our Club in the September edition of RDU re the admission of Corrina to our ranks. Makes good reading.
Directors Meeting Sunday 11th Sept- Reminder for Directors, Shed at 4pm.  
Directors Reports
Treasurer -B Colliver
Brian was absent but has emailed Directors with the P& L reports for the Club for the period May-Sept YTD for their perusal.
Club Service/Pres.Elect- K Nieukerke
Regionalisation Pilot Project – suggested members read up on the planned pilot project so we can discuss/debate the idea and concepts and direct President Rod with his vote/s when the time comes.
Community- B Rollond
Grand Final Chip Cooking- Barry thanked all those who assisted with the job on Saturday to support the caterers by cooking chips at the local footy Grand Final.
South East Golf Tour- reminded member/golfers of the fish cooker catering commitment at the end of the tour at Esp Golf Club next weekend Sat 17th Sept.
Cooking between 4.30 -6.00pm Need a few helpers too.
Emergency Services Day- Sun 18th Sept – Barry will circulate roster this next meeting. Cooking between 10am-2.00pm next Sunday.
International/ Foundation – G Mackenzie
Exchange Students- Members were advised that two of our past Exchange students Pierre Uyttendaele from Belgium 2006/7 and Teresa Rudolf from Austria 2019/20, will be visiting us in the near future, separately.
From the Floor
G MackenzieBike Repair Project- still working each Wednesday at the Shed.
Nulsen Bike Project- Further to last week’s bulletin report, it is now proposed to start the project next semester as we are close to end of current term. The aim is to incentivise attendance by those students “not so inclined” by providing them with the opportunity to earn a bike for themselves. Graham advised that participating Rotarians will need their WWC clearances up to date. Cost sharing still TBA?
Wes Graham – attended a recent “culture” workshop aimed at sporting and not- for -profit organisations. Questions such as why we exist as a club, what do we hope to achieve, why would people join our club, how can we thrive as a club, etc were asked and examined.
Some of the answers - Looking after our people, bringing diverse people together, building friendships, testing ourselves to be better people, being good at what we do, being open to change, welcoming all comers.
J Bridges- 60th Year Celebrations – reminder to forward any photos of last ten years to JB or Louise Gray please!!
Advertisement for ClubRunner Mobile
Sergeant’s Session – Secretary Tom Campbell was merciless in his role as Acting Sgt with Sergeant’s Assist – B Rollond
Wine winners Jen Ford & Barry R were fined accordingly, as were all those caught talking after the bell to begin proceedings.
Renae, Andrew and Ian from RCEB fined for failing to register.
Winning at golf- Barry R
Being disorganised- Sec. Tom fined himself.
Pres Rod & Kim fined for poor planning in lead up to this meeting
Steve Schmedje was fined for good form by his racehorse.
All those with home loans fined to celebrate the new interest rate increase
Docker supporters fined in support of the cost of airfares to Melbourne
Any “Crownie” drinkers fined for their largesse
Buy the Box
“Scottish Ian”(RCEB) - fined Andrew for his indiscriminate tree clearing
DG Ric fined A/Sgt Tom for lack of research- missing both his wedding anniversary and his birthday.
Steve Schmedje fined Tom to celebrate his upcoming wedding and the “limits” which come with it.
Guest Speaker Intro- Pres Rod introduced our Guest Speaker, District Governor Ric McDonald, (incidently, a triple sapphire pin awardee) who will be the last DG for district 9465 prior to WA’s amalgamation with District 9455 in 2023 to form District 9423.
Guest Speaker 
DG Ric provided a brief summary of his early life pre-Rotary which included quite some time in farming and agricultural- based industry prior to settling later in life in the big smoke. Prior to joining Rotary Ric developed and expended his strong passion and energy for community service as a member of Apex.
DG Ric reminded us to look to the core values of Rotary for inspiration and to “imagine Rotary “and what we could achieve in the future with the right forethought and planning in place to facilitate long term changes required to allow Rotary to evolve for the better and avoid stagnation.
He reminded us of the Rotary Foundation grants system and the opportunity to do good by leveraging our funds, allowing us to expand our projects both locally and globally to better benefit recipient communities.
We need to be constantly enthusing and engaging existing and new members to draw out their talents to best advantage.
Rotary must change to remain relevant. Therefore, we must embrace change as all progress is generally the result of change. We must also harness technological change and the benefits it brings.
Existing clubs should consider creating and supporting Satellite clubs which allow much more flexibility to people who may never otherwise fit into a “traditional” Rotary club. Similarly, Corporate clubs should not be overlooked in the big picture of embracing large business organisations. One of the latest “Passport” memberships allow travelling Rotarians to have their own club and attend any other club.
We need to be constantly aware of the cost of membership, accepting that it’s ok to raise funds to support our Club providing we market it correctly.
His challenge to us is “act today to make Rotary better tomorrow than today.”
DG Ric also recommended attendance at the next 2023 District Conference in Mandurah which has a great range of speakers on offer.
 Guest Speaker Thanks –  Asst Governor Steve Schmedje thanked DG Ric for his presentation handing him the customary Club engraved biro.
 Attendance Report – K Jenkyn
Members 33
Present          19                                            
  • Leave of Absence 3
  • Apologies      11                              
  • Silent             0
  •  Club guests 2
  • Visiting Rotarians    11                  
  • Percentage   N/R                 %
Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Next meeting’s program:   Esperance Golf Club - Speaker to Be Arranged
  • Invocation:   N McCallum             Sergeant assist:  R Leiper
  • Guest Speaker Intro: R Bridge     Speaker Thanks: S Francis          
  • Standby: B Rollond            
President Rod closed the meeting at 9.25 thanking those who assisted with setting up, and special thanks to Connie & Steve Schmedje for hosting DG Ric and Ailsa.
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