Meeting at the Shed: 1st August 2022
President Rod opened the meeting at the Shed at 7:00PM sharp and welcomed all Rotarians in attendance.
Brett Guthrie was called upon to complete the invocation.
Raffle Winner:
President Rod won the raffle.
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Presidents Report:
Shed extension plans are currently being drawn up again to fit in with fire protection standards. Todd Smith inspected the site last Wednesday. A new idea in the form of an insulated skin being attached to the toilets or Men in Sheds building is being investigated.
Horizon Power have confirmed the club is eligible for the HWS to be replaced. Graham Mackenzie is investigating.
Rod asked the members in attendance if they were all getting the Rotary Down Under magazine. There were some very interesting articles in this addition, with Rod to forward to members.
There will be a Board meeting to be held at the Shed on the 7th August at 4PM.
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurers Report:
Club Administration:
Zone 8 Regionalization seminar held. Every club will get a vote for this to happen in 2023. Members should keep abreast of the information.
Ken gave an update on the National Youth Science Forum; we have had some interested applicants. Club members were supportive of a $1300 stipend to assist with the cost of the programme for participants, in addition to the rebate the District offers.
We are 1 month away from our first fish van outing.
Steve provided an update prior to the meeting; $15,000 has been raised for Australia Day, and IGO has granted $5,000.
There is a Membership webinar to be held on the 24th August 11AM Central (?) time. Please contact Wes for more information.
Fireworks Committee
There will be another meeting on the 9th August with the Bay club. The Bay club seem to be well organised at this stage. John Honey will follow up with insurer re insurance for the event.
From the Floor:
Corrina provided a media update; she attending a membership webinar where they spoke on clubs’ strategic plan and story telling to boost interactions with prospective members. Corrina will be speaking with Rotary Membership Voice. From an engagement perspective we had over 3000 interactions with the NYSF posts!
The drivers simulator is going to Norseman on the 21st September.
Sergeants Session:
Jeff Curry was fined off the bat for not having has badge.
Paul fined himself for his birthday.
President Rod was fined for being the raffle winner.
John Parsons was fined for leaving his interior light on in his car. Brett Guthrie was fined for not turning it off for him when he walked past.
JB paid a fine for being selective about who helped him with a drink.
Tom Campbell paid another fine for the term deposit rates on offer.
Ken paid a fine for leaving his badge at the Pier.
Corrina was fined for borrowing money from Scott to pay her fine at last weeks’ meeting.
Barry was fined for; his golf score this week, his birthday & a departure tax.
The fines master had some trivia for the club; the Rotary Club of Coolamon were selling sunflower flour. Brett paid a fine for knowing this.
John Honey was fined by John Parsons regarding his non existent brother Nicholas. The joke itself caught some ire, with John P also paying a fine. Talk to them for more detail!
Fines Master Paul then concluded the session with an inappropriate joke.
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Attendance Report – K Jenkyn
Members – 33 members
Present        17                            
Leave of Absence     5                             
Apologies    12                                          
Silent             0             
Club guests 0             
Percentage                                 63%
Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
The Attendance Officer role is also now available to be filled. John Honey will be filling in next week.
President Rod thanked the cook Brad and members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8:30PM
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
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The Club has a dedicated phone for apologies either by verbal message or SMS text. Please notify by 10am on the day of the meeting. The phone number is 0474 165 997.
Please identify yourself when making an apology by phone.
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