Meeting at the Golf Club: 22nd August 2022
President Rod  opened the meeting at the Golf Club at 7:00PM sharp and welcomed all Rotarians, guest Ann Green and guest speaker Jayde Guest.
John Parson was called upon to complete the invocation.
Raffle Winner:
Peter Tredinnick won the raffle.
Presidents Report
Rod Taylor
member photo
Presidents Report:
We will have a BBQ at the shed in a couple of weeks time to present Don Patterson with an honorary membership.
Our Merry-Go-Round does need a certification inspection done again. James Devany (the engineer from last year) is donating his time and costs to the club which is very much appreciated. We do have to make sure the log book is filled out and up to date. Barry will be chasing you on this matter next week.
Corrina has made a schedule for the meeting jobs up to the end of the year. I ask you; if you can do a program job or find any guest speakers for our meetings; please let me (Rod) or Corrina know.
Thankyou to members for applying for your Working With Children Checks. I hope we can get all members up to date with these before show time.
I will be returning from Perth next week, so Kaj will preside over the shed meeting in case I am late!
Secretary’s Report:
Treasurers Report:
Brian reminded members to keep the Dues coming in.
Club Administration:
Ken has handed over some Youth Exchange forms to Brett to commence proceedings.
Ken reminded people to keep their eyes out for potential RYLA participants (18-28 years old).
Rotary Camp Inspiration 2023 desperately need buddies for next years’ programme.
NYSF: the interview process is commencing.
Steve has booked the Chinese restaurant for the Governor’s visit on the 6th of September. It will be a two course dinner for $39.
Steve has also reached out to the Governor re a meeting the following morning, however has not had any response.
Macka encouraged members to consider attending the International Convention in Melbourne next year in May.
Craig Dilley is transferring to Katanning Rotary Club.
Fireworks Committee
Governance Procedures
Brett still has WWCC forms available. Kaj suggested a ‘how to fill them out correctly’ cheat sheet be prepared.
From the Floor:
Bob Boord informed members of John Hocking’s condition; which is not great. He is being transferred to a nice facility in Perth.
Pancho, Neil & Graham went to Norseman with bikes on Friday and the trip went will.
Corrina is preparing a ‘Meet the Members’ for our social media campaign, with JB being the first off the ranks this morning. Corrina is also preparing a promotional pop up poster with a QR code on it.
We need guest speakers.
Neil, Macka and Pancho delivered another lot of bikes to the Norseman Highschool. 
Their faces are absolutley priceless.
Sergeants Session:
Fines Master Paul was ack for this meeting and did a great job relieving everyone’s pockets.
Russell Bridge was fined for his lack of badge.
Birthdays & Anniversary’s: Ken Jenkyn, Neil McCallum was fined for a second week, Peter Tredinnick, Peter Tredinnick for his anniversary, Peter Tredinnick for his Rotary join up anniversary.
Macka; his Rotary join up date
Wes was last at the bar
Peter Tredinnick as raffle winner
Wheel Winners; Paul, Brett & Rod.
Corrina for having a spelling error in JB’s bio on Facebook this morning
Carlton Supporters
Bulldog’s supporters
Steve S & Jeff Curry; Tattersalls cup winner & the amount of winnings left at the Exchange Hotel in Kalgoorlie
Tom – his boots were now shined
Russell Bridge; good win at golf on Sunday, Paul & his partner were absolutely smashed except on the last hole.
Rod; departure tax
Kaj bought the box; and fined all Melbourne, Collingwood & Freo supporters.
Brian has a win at Pink Lake Golf Club last weekend.
Paul then concluded the session with a very inappropriate joke.
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Guest Speaker:
Corrina introduced guest speaker Jayde Guest who told us about her life, career and business successes.
She has some exciting opportunities which the club indicated they would like to assist with.
Paul Mather thanked Jayde for her address.
Attendance Report
Members – 33 members
Present             19
Leave of Absence          6
Apologies          8                                 
Silent                                        0
 Club guests                  2         
Percentage                               64%
The Attendance Officer requests that callers identify themselves clearly when making an apology on the Rotary phone.
Attendance will also be recorded via ClubRunner.
Next meeting’s program:
29th August 2022 at the Shed
Guest Speaker N/A
  • Invocation: Scott Mackie                       Sergeant assist: Brett Guthrie   
  • Guest Speaker Intro: N/A           Guest Speaker Thanks: N/A      
  • Standby: TBA               
Schmedje will cook with another volunteer. We will need volunteers to help setup at 11am on Monday.
President Rod thanked members and guest for their attendance and closed the meeting at 8:30PM
The meeting concluding with the National Anthem.
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Barry Rollond
August 5
Scott Mackie
August 8
Ken Jenkyn
August 20
Spouse Birthdays
Lesley Mather
August 8
Jean McCallum
August 17
Fiona Baird
August 20
Marie Slater
August 22
Kylene Tredinnick
August 27
Peter Tredinnick
Kylene Tredinnick
August 21
Join Date
Macka MacKenzie
August 19, 1996
26 years
Matthew Lewis
August 25, 2014
8 years
Peter Tredinnick
August 25, 2014
8 years
Bulletin Editor
Corrina Rawlinson
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